Sunday, January 16, 2011

RimGuard Xtreme - Service Provider News


RimGuard Xtreme is excited to announce the Service Provider Partnership with our newest dealership - Rice Toyota - Greensboro NC.
RimGuard Xtreme has a full list of Service Providers for each of our areas - Please visit us online for more information -

RimGuard Xtreme is a family operated company based in North Carolina. The company is owned and operated by Brian Hall. Brian has worked in the automotive industry for several years. RimGuard Xtreme has worked to create some of the best wheel technicians in the industry. The company started working directly with auto dealers repairing curb damage to lot cars. As our company grew, we discovered a great need for wheel straightening. We have since continued this total service attitude by adding chrome wheel repair, polishing & factory OE wheel replacement. Brian has also trained multiple wheel technicians that are scattered throughout the U.S. Our mobile technicians work to complete most repairs directly on site. Our sales/marketing & operations team, led by Derek Mickler, will work to ensure that all of your service needs are taken care of whether you are local to North Carolina or across the nation in California.


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