Monday, January 10, 2011

Chrome Plating Factory Rims Wheels

RGX Chrome Wheels - Rated best in the industry!

ChromeTrue Chrome Traditional Triple Plate Chrome Plating
True chrome plating requires several steps. The options would be a customer who currently has painted, machined, or polished wheels and would like to get them plated. The plating process continues with a chemical etching, Copper plating, buffing, bright nickel application, chrome solution, and final rinse. This process can take several days to complete.

Spectra ChromeRimGuard X-Chrome Finishes - Bright Chrome & Black Chrome
This process is an great alternative to traditional chrome plating and carries a 5year warranty against manufacture defects under normal operating conditions. Approximate time until customer return 3weeks.
    • 4 Step Process
      • First a primer powder coat is applied.
      • Second a leveling powder base coat layer is applied to reduce or remove any imperfections in the wheel prior to applying the metal layer. –
      • The wheel is coated with a chromium alloy which is applied utilizing Particle Vapor Deposition in new state-of-the-art chambers that have been specially built for coating alloy wheels. Our single metal application ensures consistency in color part after part.
      • Finally, a powder clear coat is applied to protect and seal the finish. 


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