Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another 100% Satisfied Customer -

Comment: I had incurred curb damage to the right side wheels of my Camaro ZL-1 convertible. I was almost certain  two NEW wheels would be needed which would be quite costly. My service rep at Ben Mynatt in Salisbury, Adam Soper, gave be the business card of RimGuard. I contacted R/G on a Wednesday. Service tech Jeff Barrows came to my home 2 days later and repaired the wheels like magic. I told him that I could not even see where the concrete scratches had been. Jeff said, "that is what he usually hears from his customers". The price I paid for the repair was not half the price one new wheel would have been. I feel so fortunate to have found these people whom I did not know existed. I certainly plan to confirm their existence to my fellow car enthusiasts. A cold bottle of Cheerwine (a Salisbury soft drink extraordinaire) for my new friend Jeff Barrows and his "magic"!
Name: Tom Lowman
Where you're from: Salisbury, NC
Invoice #: JLB_2115