Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Rim Repair in Charlotte, NC

Rim Guard XTreme is the Best!

By Susan B (Moeller)
If you are living in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, and are looking for the best rim/wheel repair around, your search is over!
Why may you need rim repair specialists? Believe it or not, rim damage happens every day. Whether you took a curb too tightly, ran through a pot hole, scraped the side of the rim, or even cracked it, you will need repair done. Some people do it for cosmetic reasons - to keep up the appearance of their cars (you know the guys - riding around on 24" chromes, and business professionals who like to look suave at all times), and most others do it for the health of their car and tires. A messed-up rim causes tires to leak air rapidly. The truth is, it's cheaper to repair the rim than buy a whole new one.
Who is the best? The best, hands down, is Rim Guard Xtreme. They're based out of the Raleigh, NC area, so they cover all of North Carolina and are even nationwide through a mail process, but we're talking Charlotte here. The guy(s) who works Charlotte work wonders! You've maybe even seen their mobile repair truck - brightly colored, with that wonderful name painted across - Rim Guard Xtreme!
Why are they the best? They're the best because they are professionals at what they do. Each technician has been thoroughly trained, so when he touches your rim(s) he knows exactly what he's doing and he's confident about it, too. They're also reliable - in fact, you'll find that they're on time and ready to work when and where you scheduled, and you're the one slacking! They're trustworthy and honest - they have a high reputation for this. They are very nice guys, too - just talk to one of them and you'll think 'man - these guys love life!' And they love the hard work they're doing, too. They really do great work... in fact, your rim will look better than it did the day you bought it! They match paints too, whatever the color!
You head that right - whatever shade of silver your rim may have on it, they can match it by using their superior paints. And their system is awesome too... They know exactly what they're doing so you can rest assured that you're placing your "babies" in the most caring hands!
How can you contact them? Contact them by calling 1-888-775-RIMS or by visiting their website at
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THANKS SUSAN for the great feedback!!