Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RimGuard Xtreme, Inc - Alloy Wheel Repair Testimonial Jan 24, 2011

Special thanks to John in the New Bern-Greenville area for his professionalism and customer service.  I became a Rimguard Xtreme believer this winter after my rim was severely damaged thanks to an icy surface on a bridge.  When my wife dropped the wheel and tire off at a local tire retailer for John to pick up the tire service people there told her to take it back that Rimguard would not be able to fix it. She called me to report what they had told her, and I told her to leave it and let John with Rimguard Xtreme make that determination. A week later John was calling me to say my rim was restored and ready.  The results far exceeded my expectations and I considered the price a value because I had already begun pricing newer rims with the thought that Rimguard wouldn’t be able to repair the 35-40 mph impact my rim took as it slid into the concrete curb of the bridge.

Thanks again!
Brett L

Greenville, NC

Rim & Wheel Repair for Curb Damage: Scratch, Gouge, Gouged, Scraped, Scuff, Scuffed Rim
Straightening: Bent, Dented, Dent, Crooked, Warped, Corrosion: Discoloration, Peel, Custom Painting Polishing
Including: OE Wheel Replacement, O.E., OEM, Hollander, Center Caps, Hub Caps, Wheel Covers


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