Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saving Money by fixing rims / wheels

 Recent Testimonial from 8/22/13

Comment: All I can say is WOW!!!

I scrapped my wheel up against a curb & instantly (after a few choice words) went that'll cost me $500+ to replace. After talking with my dealership, one of the salesmen recommended I call Rimgaurd Xtreme. After some briefing internet hunting to see where I could find a new rim, I called. Immediately I got someone on the phone who set up an appt for me. Not even 5 min later Adam, Rimguard Service Tech, had called to see what my schedule looked & what area of Charlotte was most convenient for us to meet.

Adam, who should be referred to as "The Rim Doctor" went above & beyond what I thought was good service. He met me, fixed my damage rim, and it looks better than it did before I scrapped it in the first place. "The Rim Doctor" is awesome & I HIGHLY recommend Rimguard Xtreme to anyone! They are the best! Thank you!!
Name: CR
Where you're from: Huntersville, NC


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